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12.02.2012 godz. 3.00 p.m.



Enter at 53 Chambers Street

(next to Modell’s and across the street from City Hall Park)

tickets: 10$


photo Justyna Calińska InSide

photo by Justyna Calińska


Experimental Dance Film

The idea and the keynote of the film is a meeting of two worlds: the dancer’s
body movement and camera work, resulting in a story about different
dimensions of loneliness retained in the body and the image.
Time: 12 minutes.

In the movie the main character is played by dancer Aleksandra Borys, a graduate of Codarts / Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands and the National Ballet School in Łódź. During the shooting led her choreographer Renata Piotrowska. The choreographic work in the film is based on dream state of the body, observing the trajectory of motion from inside of the body to outside, noticing the changes in movement.
With regard to the aesthetics of film for director Anna Zuzanna Błaszczyk impetus to the creation of the film Inside were the films of Pierre Coulibeuf. Cooperation with the photographer of conceptual Justyna Calińska observation concerned the similarities dancer motion and camera angles. In the dance movement includes the physical and emotional aspect, which corresponds to a film image specificity. Art Operator includes the technical aspect (value cropping, color, movement – stillness of the camera) and the ability to express emotions. According to the authors’ list with each of these two fields of art gives the opportunity to explore new kinds of cinematic expression.
An illustration of a musical singer and composer has created Olena Leonenko.

Film Project „IN-SIDE” is a very promising project, combines qualities of content for the search for interesting, innovative formal solutions.

Prof. Maria Kornatowska/ film critic

Artist’s bio

Anna Zuzanna Błaszczyk

filmmaker, graduated from PWSFiTV (Film School) in Lodz. In 2006 she opened her own production company BLASZANKA STUDIO. Writes, directs and produces focusing on documentaries (lately in cooperation with the Polish Film Institute and Polish Public Television Channel 1). In 2011 she received a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland scholarship for an experimental dance film „InSide.”

2011 – InSide – experimental dance film. The idea and the keynote of the film is a meeting of two worlds: the dancer’s body movement and camera work, resulting in a story about different dimensions of loneliness retained in the body and the image.
2010 – Kaczyka. A place no more. – documentary. Michał is a retired railway worker, one of the descendants of polish settlers in Kaczyka in Romanian Bukovina. He dicovered his origins as a mature man, started to learn polish and opened a Polish House – a private museum for memorablia from the times of Kaczyka’s and its polish dwellers great past. He is conscious if both his age, and the gradual decline od his town, but he doesn’t give up.
2009 – Henryk Musiałowicz. Man – documentary, 30 min. Henryk Musiałowicz is an artist recognised and valued around the world. His works have been exhibited for over 40 years. The documentary by Anna Błaszczyk and Robert Kielak pictures a man full of energy and eagerness to work who keeps searching, wondering at, admiring and getting bewildered by the surrounding world with a childlike curiosity.
2006 – Love Is Like… – documentary. Six people are trying to find answer to an apparently simple question. What is love? Children’s ideas and youths searches are being confronted with calm certainty of two elders sitting on bench under a apreading tree.
2003 – Dreams – stars are not for fun – Night dreams of women from Home for Unwed Mothers reveal the brutal reality of which the heroine must contend with.

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Renata Piotrowska

Choreographer, dancer, performer. She works as independent artist in the field of contemporary dance, its new trends and performance art. She worked for/with  z Roman Woźniak / Teatr Academia, 2004-2006, z Grzegorz Jarzyna / TR Warszawa, 2007, Iwona Olszowska / TPT, 2008, Rafał Dziemidok / TPT, 2009, Nigel Charnock / Art Stations Foundation (performance „Happy”), 2009, Michael Zerang/ 2010, Michael Schumacher/ 2010 (performance „just say it”, premiere on Body Mind Festival in Warsaw).
In 2007 she was granted a residency at Stary Browar within a SOLO PROJEKT funded by Art Stations Foundation in Poznan. In 2007 & 2008 she was presenting her works during the Warsaw Dance Night. In 2008 and 2010 her pieces was selected for the Polish Dance Platform. She was performing and showing her pieces in Poland and abroad.
She received scholarships from Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Art Stations Foundation and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Mloda Polska).
Currently she is living in France, doing „Research and Choreography” MA programme in National Choreographique Center in Montpellier.

+33 777814382